It's all "Relative"?? Who was related to who??

Sometimes people mistakenly think that Otis WILLIAMS and Paul WILLIAMS were related, but they were not. In fact, Otis was born in Texas, Paul in Alabama, and both of their families just happened to move to Detroit.

>>> Richard Street was Melvin Franklyn's cousin...Richard sang on and off for the Temptations for over 20 years, often "filling in" for a missing/awol member...he covered for Paul during his last, troubled days with the group, even singing from a live mic backstage if Paul was not in good shape (this was in the TV movie, and from everything I have read, it was true)

Richard joined the group after Paul leftin 1971 and stayed with them until after Melvyn died,at that point he felt left out and was having some problems with the group so he left.

>>>>Melvyn was also related to......Rick James..yes, the original Superfreak! Melvyn was his uncle! Both talented ...but really really different...Melvyn was by all accounts a really nice guy , good man, family man,....and Rick James...well...Superfreak says it all

More ties : David Ruffin was the younger brother of Jimmy Ruffin. Jimmy and David both had contracts before they met the fact for a time they wanted Jimmy to join them. Jimmy had the hit "I've Passed this Way Before".

After David left/was removed from the Temptations, he recorded an album with Jimmy called "I Am My Brother's Keeper". Jimmy Ruffin was able to keep working and then leave the music business without getting involved in the drugs and problems that tortured poor David. Jimmy left the USA and settled in England where he has enjoyed a successful career as a talk show host!


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